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Pink Quilt

Our mission


Bringing people together from all ages, areas and abilities that enjoy the fine art of QUILTING, to inspire, help educate and piece together lasting friendships.

Winners of the Quilt Show for 2022

Best of Show is : Tracy Harmon – Dream Big

Home Décor: 1st place : Suzanne Kelly – Red Work Basket Quilt

2nd Place : Bobbi Cornell – Abilene

3rd Place : Cindy Niedzwiecki – Broken Pieces


Pieced Large 1st Place : Caroline Ritz – Hunters Star

2nd Place : Sherry Rebar – Aspen

3rd Place : Lisa Turek -Be Red


Paper Pieced: 1st Place : Maureen Stevens – Atomic Starburst

2nd Place : Dan Burke – Imagine

3rd Place : Diane LaBelle – On Eagles Wings (pineapple Pattern)


Quilt of Valor: 1st Place: Sherry Rebarr – Our Flag (hand Pieced & hand quilted)

2nd place: Caroline Ritze – God Bless America

3rd Place: Diane LaBelle – In remembrance of Dad

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